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Who Is Jushay Signature?

Jushay Signature saw a desiring need to build a community of artists to help them improve on their craft regarding mixing & mastering, marketing, production, etc. All artists have to understand the value of investing in their own career as well as maintaining prosperity and growth throughout their music careers. Jushay created this platform, Signature Review to provide artists with needs and values such as partnering up with videographers, producers, photographers and financial consultants to bridge the gap for all artists to succeed. Jushay Signature encourages, promotes, and gives great criticism to artists by critically evaluating their music. There are several music review shows, but what makes the Signature Review outstanding is that Jushay understands the needs and values of each and every artist. This is why she has partnered up with BAFA (By Artist For Artist), a community of artists who conduct 24/7 live review shows as well as assist artists like you to excel by constructing showcases around the world for artists to get the opportunity to spread their talent.

Early Career

Jushay Signature is a talented female artist born and raised on the south side of Chicago. Influential with her lyrics, Jushay inspires many with her artistic flows through the iconic genre known as Hip Hop. She is also a great song writer that has the talent and capability to versatile her style on any beat while still maintaining her natural captivating aura. Through her unique sound and genuine adaptation for music, Jushay is on an inspiring journey to fame with an unforgettable voice. She is a phenomenal entertainer with intentions to capture the music industry with her gifted rhymes, ingenious diction, and powerful metaphors.


Latest Cash Prize Winners:

  • Jaspen Mosley – Love You Better
  • NewMoney – Doe

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Music Videos

Rising Artists

1. BossMoneyJusto - Fold

BossMoneyJusto, 19, recording artist born in Chicago Heights, IL crafting his talents in HipHop and R&B inspiring to make it out of the struggle.

2. Sensei Dougie - Let’s Face it

Dougie is a Virginia native who moved to Tacoma, Wa. His passion for music started in the early 2000’s when him and his best friend/ brother Aj made a song by using a PS2 DJ game and cell phones. Ever since then Dougie has been perfecting his craft.

4. Athlete feat. Goldie1 -Boy Better Know

5. Lyrassist- Wasn’t Feeling Me

The 1st twin of his set, music has been in his soul since birth in ‘97. From playing African drums since childhood, to setting history in Louder Than a Bomb: Chicago by taking Olive-Harvey Middle College to their quarter-finals for the first time, to performing with Marching Bands and Jazz Ensembles in high school; Taiwo is an unmistakable musician! Check out his music on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and Facebook under the name, Lyrassist!

7. KEHINDE - Delivery

Born as the 2nd twin on March 5th, 1997 in Chicago, Illinois and growing up in a musical family, percussion has always been a part of my life. From my first Mixtape with J-Ones in 8th Grade, to Louder Than a Bomb: Chicago, to performing with African Drum&Dance Theaters like Muntu and Seneke; I’m always working and improving my craft. My current projects include hosting ‘LunchTunes’ (open mic) and Co-Producing ‘The Interesting Part Is…’ (talk show) at Truman College.

9. Kenco x Lil O - GhostBusters

So, I’m a 24 years old! Been rapping since 13. I started out in a group called the Space Cadets. My rap name at that time was Lady K, I had a hit song called ‘This Aint What you Want’ that went crazy locally. Then everyone just fell off. I had a baby young and I gave up music. But I couldn’t stay away for long. I used my daughter as motivation and changed my name to Kenco (a mixture of her and my name) and changed my sound and I’ve been evolving ever since. My message will always be putting GOD first and realizing you are enough and you have what it takes to overcome life no matter what it throws at you! I hope to bring light to people going through some of the same things I’m going through or went through!

10. The Vibe Tribe - Beavers Creek

The Name Of Our Group Is The Vibe Tribe. The artist consist of three people who are bestfriends who desire to promote peace, Love, God and Good Unique yet relatable music. The artist Are Jerry Crisler, Cairo Mitchell and Kimberly Stokes (Luna).

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