Jushay created this platform, Signature Review to provide artists with needs and values such as partnering up with videographers, producers, photographers and financial consultants to bridge the gap for all artists to succeed.

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  1. Wasi Rahman
    Wasi Rahman says:

    She is extremely compassionate about the artists and music. She built this website to help others to get a platform where they can share their music to the audience.

  2. Raheem Ching
    Raheem Ching says:

    Along with being a person who is equally passionate about music as the artist that she reviews on the signature review live stream, she distributes the same kind of passion and energy towards her own music. She doesn’t just gives you meaningless or Bland feedback, she changing really gives you feedback to take into consideration for craft bettering purposes and she is a true role model and icon to all local artists on the grind and struggling to get their music out there

  3. Kendallpbeatz
    Kendallpbeatz says:

    Maaaaaan the best of the best of the best. She too passionate nd she fair. Its perfect. She gives everyone a chance.

  4. Nia
    Nia says:

    Jushay is well versed in the music world, As well as production and marketing…if yall want the real Watch and submit to the Signature Review. 💋

  5. Shanton Perry
    Shanton Perry says:

    I love The Signature Review. Jushay Signature always give the artist who submit their songs to her honest feedback, to give them the direction to grow and develop for the future. She has a great personality and she always motivate artists to better themselves!!!!

  6. Kendall p beatz
    Kendall p beatz says:

    Man one of the best shows ive seen. She is fair, patient and talks about some great topics. I wish this show had a bigger platform because she is incredible. Plus her music is on point too.

  7. Allan Phells
    Allan Phells says:

    Yo what’s up JusJushaySingature and the new family. It’s yours truly Allan a.k.a TheChosenOne from Glow&MasterkProductions coming from Columbus Ohio. Just wanted to make sure I share the same love and support by leaving you a comment.
    From day one, it’s been nothing but love and straight down to earth 100% forward, constructive criticism. It’s truly a blessing to see a young beautiful woman, take her time to review underground artist as well as producers talent, when their not even getting that same love and support in their own hometown. Me personally, wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for chopping it up with ya boy since day one and I’m Definitely looking forward to producing some new music for you in the future to come. Love y’all and can’t wait to be a featured guest on the show. God continue to bless and keep every single last one of y’all that’s apart of the Jushaysignature team. -TheChosenOne

  8. Imani
    Imani says:

    I love that JuShay has this platform available to give up and coming artists exposure and positive feedback. Her expertise and excitement for music shines through with every review. Keep up the amazing work!

  9. Roy
    Roy says:

    A great show to showcase other artists music giving them a chance to be heard and talent to be displayed. JuShay is very creative and talented person especially when it comes to music. She stays on the grind 24/7 to bring the public hits after hits!

  10. Anthony
    Anthony says:

    Passionate, talented, gifted, unique, authentic, smart, strategist, beauty, inspiring, hard worker, one of my favorite kind of people! Determine and full of an authentic msg that the world must here and see

  11. Ben White
    Ben White says:

    Reviews by one of the best in the city. Harder than most dudes I know fr. Keep doing your thing. This cold, something I ain’t know we needed. When you dropping something new yourself?

  12. Faduma
    Faduma says:

    Jushay’s intention is to highlight the true struggle of an artist while still celebrating their story. She moves with purpose and authenticity. She is innovative and compassionate to articulate the need for music to heal our community and revive the brokenness with in us. She uses her creativity to create a safe space that allows artist to feel vulnerable and validated.


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